Fall 2018

Financial Aid Charges for the Fall 2018 Semester start on August 6, 2018. You must see Financial Aid first in order to charge tuition, fees, parking, books etc.


All tuition and fee charges are due by August 13, 2018, unless you are receiving Financial Aid or Scholarships. Last date to withdraw with a Refund is August 24, 2018.

High School Seniors will received a tuition waiver based on the number of credit hours enrolled in.

First Fall 2018 Housing Payment is due on August 13, 2018.

If you are not attending, please contact the Admission Office to officially withdraw from your classes.

Fall 2018 Payment Plan Dates

Fall 2018 Payment Plan Opens June 1, 2018.

Open Date:                    Close Date:                Down Payment:         Number of Payments:            Months of Payments:

August 19, 2018             September 22, 2018          50%                                  2                                       October - November

September 23, 2018        October 20, 2018             50%                                   1                                       November only

**Must login to your MYSSCOK student portal and then click on the Herring Bank My Account Info**