The 2020 Census will influence community funding and congressional representation. Information collected in the census will inform the allocation of more than $675 billion in federal funds for states and communities each year. That includes money for things like: Federal Pell Grants, Adult education grants, Agriculture, science, and engineering education, Student wellness programs, The Medical Assistance Program, Community mental health services. Watch this to learn more!

2020 Census Matters !

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          Student passwords are initially their 8 digit birthday.


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Asset Essentials  - SSC Maintenance Requests

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Note: If you have an user id/password use the login button at bottom of page

Please use Asset Essentials for all maintenance requests.  After logging in you will be on the "My Requests" page.


To Enter a New Work Request

  • Click on the “+New” button.
  • Under the “Location” drop down, please choose the appropriate building.
  • In the “Room Number/Location Description” box, please provide more specific site information.
  • Under the “Work Category” drop down, please select the most descriptive option for your request.
  • In the “Work Requested” box, please describe your maintenance request.  This will be your communication with the maintenance staff, so be as explicit as possible in your description.  Please note the first few characters of your request will become the title of the request.
  • Under the “Completion Date” drop down, please select the appropriate date.  Please understand that all requests will be prioritized as received, so a completion date of today should only be used when today is an absolute requirement.

All the above boxes or drop downs are mandatory information.  The form also includes an option to upload pictures if you feel that to be of benefit.

To Logout

  • Click on the “Profile” icon in the upper right corner and choose “Logout” from the drop down.

To Review an Existing Work Request

  • For a quick update, notice the “WO Status” column.

    • “New Request” means the work order has not been assigned to anyone.
    • “In Progress” means the work order has been assigned to someone within maintenance and they are aware of and scheduling or actually working on the request
    • “Parts on Order” means parts we do not stock are needed to complete the request and the parts have been ordered.  This could mean a wait of a few days.
    • “On Hold” means the request cannot be completed without further approval or further information.
    • “Denied” means the request is outside the scope of maintenance job assignments.  We will expect this status to be displayed very seldom.
    • “Completed” means the work request has been closed.
  • Click on any of the blue highlighted fields.  This will allow you to view the full work order information.  This information will include the technician that is assigned to the work order.

Aside from checking on a work order, you will receive an update from Asset Essentials via email any time the status of the work order changes.


 Log In - Use this login if  you have an assigned user id /password